Our trip to the local Zoo


Our trip to the local Zoo Two weeks ago, our students went to the local Zoo. For us, education is not a classrom only-experience. It is more like discovering your educational environment with head and hands. Our students truly seem to have enjoyed their daytrip to the Zoo. We are already looking forward to the next daytrip!

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Arts Circle for artists & hobbyists! The International School OWL is known for excellence in economics, natural science and teachers with a doctorade who are "number artists" . The perfect basis for ambitous students who plan to study in Germany. ..but sometimes even a bit boring! To offer our students a maximum of fun and variety we've just hired a passionate artist and teacher who can draw on many years of experience in arts and paiting. A true enrichment for the IS OWL. But of course, the art course is only a break from the daily routine in school. Students are only invited to participate! (mailto: w.qiu@is-owl.de)

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Digital Parents’ Days


Digital Parents' Day - How we keep our parents up to date One important aspect in our daily work is to keep the parents of our day and boarding students up to date. This week again, we have started our so-called "Digital Parents' Days" where parents get details on the individual progress of our students, not only in the framework of the International School OWL but also in terms of boarding life and boarding environment. Started in 2021, we currently plan to expand our Digital Parents' Days in 2022 and 2023.

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A-Level exams


A-Level exams In the last two weeks, our two schools in Vogeliusweg and Technology Park held some A-level exams. For some of our students, these were also their first exams at the International School OWL. After looking through the first exams, our teachers have a really good feeling. Of course we are very happy to hear that, because for many of our students the A-Level exams are the first step into an international career. Exams were written in English, German, mathematics and chemistry, among other subjects.

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A prominent visitor from the politics!


A prominent visitor from the politics! Today we had a visit from Daniel Sieveke (MdL, CDU), member of the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia. As part of the visit, our students then asked him questions about the daily work of a politician and about political issues. In answering the questions, Mr. Sieveke seemed consistently approachable and friendly, giving us an important look behind the scenes of a politician. He was able to answer even the most difficult questions in great detail - due to his experience as a politician, which our students visibly enjoyed. On behalf of the International School OWL we thank Mr. Sieveke for his visit!

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Excursión A few weeks ago, we invited our students to join us on an excursion through the city of Paderborn. In addition to the famous Neuhaus Castle in the district of Schloß Neuhaus, where some of our teaching facilities are located, we also visited the University of Paderborn as well as the city center and other places and sightings of interest in Paderborn. We hope that our students had a great day!


New Location


Our first day in our new building! Last week, we welcomed the first grade 10 students at new our location in the Paderborn Technology Park. For us, this was also the first day in the recently developed school section of our administration center. There, we currently create new facilities and classrooms for the International School OWL, not far from our building in Vogeliusweg. From this new teaching location, it will then be only about a 5-minute walk to our building in Vogeliusweg. Right next to the Technology Park, our students can also find a mall with stores and shopping opportunities. On behalf of the entire team of the Interantional School OWL, we wish our students every success and, of course, lots of fun in their lessons.

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We explore Paderborn!


We explore Paderborn! Two weeks ago, we moved our lessons outside and went to the Paderborn spring area to do some experiments. Even though our students were still on vacation, they did not hesitate to join us in the "Pader-Quellgebiet" to execute exciting experiments together with some of their classmates. Looking back, we can say that our students obviously had a lot of fun.

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Résumé of our new student Wangmiao


Résumé of our new student Wangmiao Two months after her arrival in Paderborn, our new student Wangmiao draws a positive resumé. The 17-year-old from Nanjing (China) has settled in well and feels very happy at our boarding school. She says: “The rooms are well equipped and I like to have my own space, while having the opportunity to meet my classmates. I also like the city of Paderborn, because it is pleasantly quiet here and the people here enjoy their lives.” About the International School OWL she says: “I like that each class has only a few students and the teachers are very friendly. Even though English is actually one of my favourite subjects, I currently enjoy maths the most.”

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