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Day & Boarding School in Germany

The International School OWL combines the high standard of a German boarding school with a globally oriented education and a world-wide recognised diploma. Our students can expect an excellent education, consisting of full-time supervision in a multinational environment and a curriculum at a top international level!

  • Full board accomodation and all-day care with state-approved teachers and professional staff (Boarding School)
  • All-day care by state-certified qualified staff (24/7)
  • Globally suitable and world-wide recognised diploma
  • Teaching language is English, and a prior knowledge of German is not needed
  • Fulfills the entry requirements of universities worldwide
  • Choose between business or technical focus


Individual and qualified support (24/7)

Our experienced boarding school managers ensure optimal support focused on each individual student. This includes a qualified all-day care concept with structured routines, three meals a day and accommodation in modern single rooms (no extra charge)

  • Boarding school with ‘professional’ supervision
  • Three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Single rooms in small supervised apartments (3-5 persons)
  • One group room and one common kitchen per apartment
  • Joint excursions and group events
  • Short distances to the campus of the International School OWL