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International School OWL

The boarding school to study in Germany or worldwide

German Baccalaureate

The International School OWL is a full-day boarding school based in Paderborn, right in the centre of Germany. Our students graduate with the German Baccalaureate, a high school diploma that is recognised by universities worldwide. It is an IB programme (International A-level) with additional German language courses. The graduation is recognised by universities in Germany and by universities worldwide. There is no need for an additional foundation year.

Our classes start after junior high school and will last six semesters in total (classes 10-12). Our school offers an excellent international education, through full-day schooling in a multilingual environment, as well as an international, college-preparatory curriculum, containing both English and German courses. Our curriculum is based on the Edexcel International Advanced Level, a qualification created by leading educational supplier Pearson.


  • German Baccalaureate is recognised by universities worldwide (Germany & UK too)
  • Excellent English and German language courses
  • Choice of a scientific or business-related focus
  • Designed according to Pearson's world-class qualification principles and benchmarked against other leading international curriculums
  • Intensive support by our state-certified tutors at all times
International School OWL

Boarding School

At our boarding school we offer a modern living space for our international students. Our minor aged students will receive an extensive educational supervision by our tutors, so that they will be guided at all times in the best way possible. The supervision supports our students with managing their daily routines and getting accustomed to a foreign culture.

It is our philosophy to do our part in creating a tolerant and open-minded society in a more and more globalised world, so we expect no less from our students. Of course, there is also time and opportunity to take part in several activities like sports, cultural activities or exploring the beautiful city of Paderborn and Germany.