Globally recognized degrees: IB and International A-Level

Prestigious educational degrees such as the International A-Level or the IB Diploma have become an increasingly global part of the world of education. But what does IB or International A-Level stand for and what are the characteristics? The International Baccalaureate (IB) as well as the Edexcel and Cambridge’s International Advanced Level (A-Level) each stand for one of the most prestigious qualifications in the world (SS, grades 10 – 13). Read more below ⇨

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Schüler in der IS-OWL Paderborn

IB Diploma or International A-Level? …the demanding IB!

If you reduce the International Baccalaureate to the number of subjects, you quickly recognise parallels to the Abitur in Germany. It quickly becomes obvious that both – the Abitur and the IB – seem a bit ‘large and big’. For the IB, there are usually six exam subjects that must be chosen and taken according to a predefined grid. For example, the IB organisation specifies fixed subject groups – studies in language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies, (Experimental) sciences, mathematics, arts. A corresponding subject must be taken from each subject group. Three to four subjects can or ‘must’ be taken at an higher level. This is why the International Baccalaureate is said to be particularly demanding. To ensure recognition as a university entrance qualification, the choice of subjects or the combination of subjects must also meet certain requirements (in Germany).

What is the difference between German gymnasium and International School OWL?

Both the gymnasium (upper school) and the IS OWL pursue the educational mission of leading students to a university entrance qualification. Or in abstract terms: […] the IS OWL could be described as an English-language gymnasium. Differences are […]

IS OWL’s Edexcel International A-Level?

International School in Paderborn, Germany!

Subjects in the Edexcel International A-Level (IS OWL)

The Edexcel International Advanced Level of the International School OWL and the IB share the common characteristic of being central (central exams) and predominantly English-language oriented. One major difference is the focus! The International School OWL offers the advantage of being particularly focused. Students at IS OWL only have to take 3-4 focus subjects to graduate. This allows students to concentrate on the essential content or focus subjects that are conducive to a degree programme.

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