Our comprehensive care and support concept

In addition to comfortable accommodation, our students can expect a structured daily routine with fixed meals as well as exciting activities. Our state-certified staff are available around the clock.

Most important points regading care and supervision in the hostel:

  • Care by state-certified professionals (24/7)
  • Care concept in accordance with German law
  • Promotion of own personality and individual strengths
  • Tutoring & learning groups
  • Diverse leasure activities and day trips
  • Group activities
  • Multicultural environment

Not all students learn at the same pace. Our teaching staff are trained to recognise any weaknesses at an early stage and to consider how best to offer support. If more intensive individual support is required, we can offer personal tutoring in addition to joint learning groups.

Advantages of personal tutoring

Unterricht an der International School OWL

Students of the International School Paderborn are part of a qualified educational, care and support concept with individual support and high-level teaching.

  • Individual support and private tutoring
  • Focussed support for students with language or other weaknesses
  • Recognition and correction of weaknesses
  • Individual language support if necessary

Free Consultation

As an international school, we offer our students the opportunity to take advantage of an internationally oriented education programme and to graduate with an internationally recognised degree.

If you have any questions concerning our programme or the right choice of an international school in Germany, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Counselling is available in German, English, Arabic and Chinese. Book your appointment now…