“Boarding Life Experience”

In order to strengthen the common togetherness in the multinational environment, the Boarding School OWL offers a varied and well-organised programme of activities like excursions, and various sports activities as well as cooking together – for example.
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With exceptional teaching and the belief that nothing goes unachieved when students approach the unknown with curiosity, we instil values and skills that prepare them for a global and interconnected future.





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Activities in Paderborn

In everyday school life there are many activities that can make the time in Germany exciting. Visits to the city center, shopping, going to the cinema, cooking together or game nights are just a few examples. You can go swimming in the Schwimmoper in winter and in one of the outdoor pools in summer.

As part of the life in our dormitory students take part in a variety of extracurricular activities. Sports and music lessons are available close to the dormitory and always scheduled around classes.

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  • Leben im internationalen Internat
  • Lernen an der IS-OWL
  • Freizeitprogramm an der IS-OWL
  • Freizeitgestaltung an der IS-OWL
  • Musikunterricht an der IS-OWL Paderborn
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Boarding School Life Experience

Students cook & learn together, play games, do sports or go out for shopping. Our experienced boarding school managers & social educators work hard to provide students with a great boarding experience – an experience they enjoy and remember fondly.

Sports & Music

The range of sport activities is also very large. Students who would like to join a sports team, can find teams in soccer, basketball or baseball. These sport and leasure activities are also important for the students to use there German language in normal daily situations which supplements their classroom work significantly.

Aside the weekly sports course, there is a wide variety of sports in Paderborn. For Example:

  • Soccer, Hockey, Handball
  • Football, Squash, Badminton, Table Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • and many more!

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Popular destinations for excursions

“Paderborn has much to discover – popular destinations are, for example, the Safari Park – a wildlife park that can be driven through by car or also historically interesting places such as the Paderborn Cathedral, the Wewelsburg, the Hermann Monument or the Externsteine. The open-air museum in nearby Detmold also lets you experience history live. Here you can see by means of historical buildings what it looked like in East Westphalia in the Middle Ages.”