Tuition & boarding fees of the International School OWL

Students at the Boarding School OWL benefit from the excellent, globally oriented education of the International School OWL, as well as from qualified all-day care by state-certified staff, fixed meals, modern accommodation, individual support (tutoring) and exciting activities.

The costs for the International School OWL are due before each of the three school years.

School fees for students from non-European countries: 24,000 € per school year*
(only possible if no boarding school / accommodation is required)

Tuition & boarding fees (includes school fee): 36,000 € per school year

* School fees for students from Germany and other European countries vary between € 12,000 – 24,000 per year (depending on age, nationality and idividual requirements).

Tuition & Boarding: What is included?

Already included in the School & Boarding fees:

  • Registration fee
  • Instruction by highly qualified teachers
  • All-day care by state-certified qualified staff
  • Board and Lodging
  • single or shared apartment (no additional costs for single room)
  • Three meals including drinks (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Textbooks & teaching materials
  • Health insurance
  • Declaration of commitment
  • Welcome-Box (towels, bedding etc.)

Free Consultation

As an international school, we offer our students the opportunity to take advantage of an internationally oriented education programme and to graduate with an internationally recognised degree.

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