Unterricht an der International School OWL

Optimum preconditions for an interational career

The International School OWL offers many advantages. With the German Baccalaureate (International Advanced Levels – IAL), foreign students can start studying at universities in Germany and in many other countries without having to visit a so-called Studienkolleg (Foundation College). The German Baccalaureate already meets the entry requirements for beginning a Bachelor course of study.

The German university system enjoys a high reputation and offers first class research and teaching. Most German universities are state-owned, and one advantage is that they only charge a small semester fee. In most cases, this is around 300 € per semester. At many universities, this fee already includes a so-called semester ticket. With this ticket, students can use public transport (buses and trains) for trips to many well-known cities like Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Bochum, or Cologne. So not only the way to the university is already included, but also trips to sights and other German cities are possible.

In summary, the combination of the International School OWL and a Bachelor’s / Master’s degree programme in Germany is a cost-effective alternative that guarantees a first-class education!

Highlights of the International School OWL in Germany

Standort Vogeliusweg
  • Globally recognised diploma (International A-Level)
  • Fulfills the entry requirements of universities worldwide
  • Teaching language is English, and a prior knowledge of German is not needed
  • Specialising in business or technical field possible after first school year
  • Students do not have to visit a so-called Studienkolleg (foundation year)
  • Guaranteed place of study in bachelor’s programme at the University Paderborn
  • Full board accomodation and all-day care with state-approved teachers and professional staff (Boarding School)
  • Three meals daily included (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • Individual support and coaching
  • Great (learning) atmosphere in a multinational social environment
  • And much more!

Modern education

The International School OWL offers motivated students an attractive learning environment with modern, well-equipped classrooms and teaching materials with high international standard. Students are part of a multinational community with students from all over the world.

  • well-equipped classrooms
  • multinational community with students from all over the world
  • modern, central-located campus (next to the campus of the university)
  • teaching materials on high international standard

Free Consultation

As an international school, we offer our students the opportunity to take advantage of an internationally oriented education programme and to graduate with an internationally recognised degree.

If you have any questions concerning our programme or the right choice of an international school in Germany, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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