Germany – at the heart of Europe

With a GDP net value of almost four billion (4 million million) USD and a foreign trade ratio of 70%, Germany is the biggest economy of Europe and one of the biggest economies in the world.

Germany is especially known for its car industry and has significantly contributed to make the world what it is today. Brands like BWM, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and several others are known worldwide.
Numerous multi-national companies and global concerns are working every day to advance technical progress

At the same time, Germany is a very cosmopolitan country that warmly welcomes international students and workers from abroad. The hurdles to acceptance at a university in Germany are relatively low. Germany is home to about 83 million people, including many people from abroad who live and work in Germany. About 20% of the German population has a migration background.

Calculation: Study in Germany

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While in countries such as Australia, Singapore, the USA, the United Kingdom (UK), Canada and France studying can quickly cost many thousand of Euros, most German universities only charge a semester fee of about €330. This fee often includes a semester ticket for public transport and other benefits. With the semester ticket you can visit bigger cities like Dortmund, Essen, Dusseldorf and Cologne by train.

And best of all, with the German Baccalaureate (International A-level), such studies are possible at a university in Germany! A cost-effective start to your career…

Studying in Germany – Entry requirements & costs

Apart from the comparatively low fees charged in Germany, studying at a German university offers many advantages. Universities in Germany have a very high reputation, which is appreciated by employers worldwide. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of different academic subjects and options.

Whether Business Studies, Information Technology, Physics, Mathematics, or rather an Engineering degree, with the German baccalaureate it is no problem for the student to enroll in the course of their choice.

In Germany, interested persons and students can choose from a wide range of restricted and non-restricted courses of studies. National and international students can therefore quickly and effortlessly enroll in a German university to begin, for example, a bachelor’s degree programme.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree (BA), it is possible to study in a master’s programme (MA) at the same or another university. With a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree – as well as the language skills acquired with us – students of the International School OWL can start an international career!

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