International School OWL

Following our motto “A modern education for a global future”, we guide intentionally small kept numbers of students on the path to find and create their individual optimal selves – and are commited to henesty, justice, charity, and the pursuit of knowledge.
Andrea Effertz, Commercial Management

Mission Statement
With exceptional teaching and the belief that nothing goes unachieved when students approach the unknown with curiosity, we instil values and skills that prepare them for a global and interconnected future.





School for day & boarding students in Germany

The International School OWL combines the high standard of a German boarding school with a globally oriented education and a world-wide recognised diploma. Our students can expect an excellent education, consisting of full-time supervision in a multinational environment and a curriculum at a top international level!

  • Full board accomodation and all-day care with state-approved teachers and professional staff (Boarding School)
  • All-day care by state-certified qualified staff (24/7)
  • Globally suitable and world-wide recognised diploma
  • Teaching language is English, and a prior knowledge of German is not needed
  • Fulfills the entry requirements of universities worldwide
  • Choose between business or technical focus

School of Economics, Technologies & Engineering

Be focused! The International School OWL builds the bridge between high school and university. “It’s never too early to prepare for university!” As student at the international school OWL students gain the essential basis in either an economic or a technical-scientific discipline and do also profit from intensive German language courses.

“W” for future economics

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“T” for future scientists

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Boarding with Individual and qualified support (24/7)

Our experienced boarding school managers ensure optimal support focused on each individual student. This includes a qualified all-day care concept with structured routines, three meals a day and accommodation in modern single rooms (no extra charge)

  • Boarding school with ‘professional’ supervision
  • Three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Single rooms in small supervised apartments (3-5 persons)
  • One group room and one common kitchen per apartment
  • Joint excursions and group events
  • Short distances to the campus of the International School OWL

Traditional degrees such as the German Abitur, Junior-High or similar degrees often limit their students’ and future graduates’ focus. As part of the Edexcel International Advanced Level programme (IAL) we offer students highly focussed and modern education programs – suiteted to “GLOBAL THINKERS”.


School years are filled with experiences and impressions that are often looked back on years later – even after years and decades! In our NEWS BLOG, we show you how our day and boarding students experience this time.

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Digital & Modern Learning

Our two school buildings in Vogeliusweg and in the Technology Park, both located close to each other, were built in the last decade. The classrooms are all state-of-the-art. The furniture is modern and […]