The tuition fees become due in front of each of the three school years. We differentiate between students whose home country is part of the EU and students whose home country is not part of the EU.

Costs Bachelor / Master programmes at a German university

With the German Baccalaureate it is possible to study at a German university or university of applied sciences. In most cases this will be surprisingly inexpensive, even though the German educational system has a very high international standard.

School fees:

for day students (home country in the EU):

12.000 Euro per school year

International students (home country outside the EU):

Total price: 36.000 Euro per school year (Including registration fee, school fees, Extra-curricular tuition fees, textbook fee, meals, accommodation and boarding school support)

Sample calculation:

At the state-owned Paderborn University all students only have to pay the semester fees which are approx. 330€. When paid, students can use trains and busses for free in the whole state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) with the semester ticket. So students can visit the „Ruhrgebiet “with cities like Dortmund, Essen, Bochum, Duisburg or visit Cologne, Düsseldorf or Münster for free. In addition, there will be many discounts for students like at the canteen, cinema, museum, sports or at cultural events.

A bachelor and master study programme in Germany is around 660€ per year. The total costs for the BA/MA graduation at the Paderborn University / Germany is around 3.300€ only.

Please don´t forget the costs for accomodation, meals, insurances and the costs for the daily living when studying at a university. This is very cheap compared to a similar study programmes in the USA, UK or Canada. A 5-year Masters degree in the USA is around 87.500€. So you can save up to 84.200€ when studying in Germany.

Last but not least: You can attend such a study programme in Germany with the German Baccalaureate (International A-level)! Save money and start your career in Germany!